You got it?

We need it.

Your Time

When I first arrived in Hollywood, I knew nothing about the film business. But I landed at a place that wasn’t afraid to give young, enthusiastic people the chance to develop their skills. Many of us used our time there as a springboard to long, successful careers in the entertainment industry. It is in that spirit that I am opening the doors at Arts Work Foundation to enthusiastic people who could use some experience on their resumes.

    Jim Cushinery
    CEO, Arts Work Foundation

Right now, we are in desperate need of help in the following areas:

  • Web Presence Development – help us spread the word and make meaningful friends on the net. Ignite our inner viral bottle rocket.
  • Website Development Genius– Make our websites look amazing. Some knowledge in Facebook Markup Language, HTML, etc. would be awesome.
  • Publicity/Marketing – Are you an up and coming publicist and want to get out of your boss’s shadow? Here’s your chance to add to that resume.
Email Us for details.